What is Healing Instrument "Singing RingⓇ"?

About Singing Ring

#1 Creates an abundance of harmonic overtones with a wide range of frequencies

Singing RingⓇ contains sound way beyond the human audible range; therefore, it is difficult to measure its nature by a man-made machine. It is said that the sound brings a healing effect to not only human beings but also numerous objects and environments. The sound of Singing Ring is said to have the similar effect as the sounds in nature such as insects chirping and the murmuring of a stream (1/f Fluctuation).


#2 Continuity of sound after being played

The design and form of Singing Ring are based on a blueprint with a very precise specification such as its unique shape, a special alloy of metals and crystal, with a Japanese Urushi lacquer coating that doesn’t affect the resonation of the sound. Because of this, once Singing Ring is played, its delicate and beautiful sound lasts for 3 to 4 minutes.


#3 Resonance, made possible by 360-degree delicate tuning

There are two types of Singing Rings: Large “Uchu (=Universe)”, and small “Daichi (=Earth)”. Each bowl is well-tuned at the same frequencies (“Uchu” has a certain frequency set, and “Daichi” has a different set) upon manufacturing. Therefore, when one Uchu is struck, the nearby Uchu will begin to resonate and ring without being played. The same phenomenon occurs between Daichi. We call this phenomenon “Harmonic Sound Resonance”.


#4 A Beautiful form created by elaborate craftsmanship and quality assurance

Singing Ring is all hand-made by Japanese traditional craftsmen. It is made by highly skilled techniques through all processes of manufacturing, such as creating a special alloy of multiple metals and crystal, a grinding process to generate precise sounds, and a coating and burning process “Urushi,” a traditional natural lacquer. Due to these precise manufacturing processes, there are no reports of defects since Singing Ring was developed in 2004.


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