Learn The Use Of Singing Ring


Types and Names of the instrument


Singing Ring “Uchu (=Universe)”  Singing Ring “Daichi (=Earth)”
Large Stick  Small Stick


Rubber Sheet Ring Cushion


Basic Ways To Play [Circular Sound/Striking Sound]

[1] Circular Sound: ”Daichi” and a small stick

daichiPlace “Daichi” on your palm, and lightly straighten your fingers.
Hold the small stick lightly with the other hand, and play gently.

[2] Striking Sound: Using ”Uchu” And A Large Stick

uchuPlace “Uchu” on a rubber sheet. Make sure that the surface is flat. Gently strike with a large stick. Enjoy the sound and vibration.


[3] Circular sound: Using “Uchu” Or “Daichi” And A Small Stick

kaitenRub the rim of “Uchu” or “Daichi” with a small stick in a circular motion, and you can perform a beautiful continuous ringing sound. Hold the small stick with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger like in the picture above. Strike the bowl very lightly, and continue rubbing the rim in a circular motion. The key is to put firm pressure against the bowl towards the center of the bowl while rubbing the rim. You can enjoy the sound of the higher range of harmonic overtones becoming louder.

The sound changes depending on who performs it or where it is performed.
Please enjoy the differences in the sound and resonation.


Enjoy Singing Ring By Feeling The Vibration Of The Sound

[1] Place Singing Ring on your head

Place “Uchu” on your head like wearing a hat and play gently, you may experience the brainwaves shifting immediately as the sound and vibration directly reach your ears and brain.

atama(1) Please make sure to secure the environment before you place it on your head.
(2) Place a rubber sheet on your head, and then place a cushion. Next, place “Uchu” on your head like a hat with balance. Keep your posture straight.
(3) Hold a large stick with the leather part facing up.
(4) Strike lightly Singing Ring with the leather part of the stick.
*Strike gently one at a time.
(5) Calm your mind and enjoy the sound resonance and vibration on your head and body. Depending on which part of Singing Ring you strike, the way you feel the resonance and vibration will change. Please try different spots to strike and enjoy the differences.

●Please do not use this method when you have an injury around your head, neck, and/or shoulders.
●Be mindful of discomfort in your neck when using this method.

Caution: Please do not strike with other objects besides the attached sticks.
Loud sounds may cause hearing impairment. Please make sure the volume is at a comfortable level.


[2] Place Singing Ring On Your Body

onakaStrike Singing Ring on your body, you can feel the delicate vibration spreading throughout and you may experience the healing effect. Lie down and play Singing Ring on your stomach (TANDEN: lower abdomen), a pit of the stomach, chest, lower back, and back. When your body is surrounded by multiple Singing Ring, you are able to experience Harmonic Sound Resonance phenomenon with an abundance of harmonic overtones.


Enjoy “Dance Of Water”

When you fill Singing Ring with water and play a striking or circular sound, you can see the water inside starts to pop like it is dancing. You will also see a cross shape or a hexagram.
(1) Prepare a large towel and put a rubber sheet on it. Place Singing Ring on the rubber
(2) Pour water into the Singing Ring until it is half full.
(Please remove any objects around the bowl to avoid getting them wet.)
(3) Strike the bowl with a large stick then water starts to pop as if it is dancing. You will start seeing a cross-shape on the surface as you continue.
(4) Use a small stick and play circular sound. As the harmonic overtones get louder, you will see a hexagram, circulating along with the stick movement.
When you keep rubbing the rim of the Singing Ring with the stick, small bubbles appear and start to pop on the surface.
*Please remove all water after use.
Enjoy the collaboration of beautiful sound and water.

Enjoy the collaboration of beautiful sound and water.


Purifying foods, accessories, and jewelry

The sound and vibration of Singing Ring are said to have an effect to lead not only human beings, but also various materials to the “harmonized and balanced state”. 

The taste becomes milder with more granular particles and filled with energy.
The taste becomes richer and milder.
The taste becomes milder and better. It keeps vegetables and fruits fresh.
●Power Stone & Accessories
It brings back its neutral state and brilliance.
●Pets and Plants
They become lively and grow healthily.
●Rooms and spaces
It purifies negative energy in an instant.
●Mobile Phone & Wallet
It removes the negative energy from radio waves, money and nurtures a virtuous cycle.


By using your imagination and creativity, you can use it in anyway you like.


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