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Our Activities

(1) Provide support to spread and educate about Singing Ring®.
(2) Certify and Register Singing Ring® therapists and performers.
(3) To promote the social status of certified therapists and performers and support them to become independent as a professional.
(4) Research and development of the Singing Ring® program and performing technique.
(5) Execute philanthropic activities using Singing Ring®.
(6) All other activities that are necessary to achieve the association’s mission.

Association Information

Singing Ring Association
26-9 Wakamiya-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan 162-0827
TEL +81-(0)3-6265-3969
FAX +81-(0)86-239-3913
September, 2014
Board Of Directors
Executive Director: Sion Kazu
Director: Dr. Akira Ikegawa (Medical Doctor)
Director: Dr. Yoshitane Akiyama (Attorney at Law and Doctor of Alternative Medicine)


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