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Greetings from the Board Members

Greetings from the Founder

A musical instrument, Singing Ring®, was born on the 10th of December, 2004. Since then, with its elaborate design, the best-suited materials, and the excellent skills and knowledge of the craftsmen, two types of Singing Ring® (Uchu and Daichi) have been created and a total of over 2,500 of them have been shipped out to mostly Japan and also to Australia and the United State of America (as of March 2016), without breakage nor the need of re-tuning.

The sound and vibration of Singing Ring® that can be created by anyone without any hassle have been shared and spread through word of mouth, and have been successfully incorporated with the movie “Gaia Symphony No. 6 and No. 7”, a documentary movie of a Japanese education researcher Professor Makoto Shichida “Tamashii no Kyouiku (Soul Education)”, and also a collaboration with dance performers.

Also, the Singing Ring® has been gathering attention by alternative medicine professionals due to its relaxation effects created by the harmonic resonance phenomenon, which lead to the further academic research on sound therapy conducted by numerous researchers.

My hope is to spread awareness, enlighten, and research Singing Ring with many fellow Singing Ring lovers who happen to be connected by chance so that it will be fully utilized by many organizations such as educational institutions, communities, companies, and hospitals as well as every household.

For the brighter future of the Earth and children, let’s work happily together with smiles on our faces.

Founder of Singing Ring Association and Sion Inc.
Creator of Singing Ring®
Sion Kazu

Creator of Singing Ring®
Executive Director of Singing Ring Association
Founder of Sion Inc.
Image and Color Consultant
Master of Arts in Education, Shizuoka University.
Psychological Counselor, Counseling Institute of Sophia University

Sion was in New York at the time of the Sept. 11 attacks. Her health suffered as a result and in the process of treating herself, she started to investigate onto the profound healing properties of sound. In 2004, she completed development of the Singing Ring®, opening up a new world of sound therapy. Since then she has been guiding and educating people in her methods throughout Japan and overseas.

– Original CDs:
“SEINARU RIN-NE (Tuning of Spirit)”
“OTOSHINWA (Sound Mythology)”
“Singing Ring Meditation”
– Book:
“Full Harmonic Overtones CD Book (Available in Japanese)”


Greetings from the Directors

Congratulations on the establishment of the Singing Ring® Association. I have been close to Ms. Sion Kazu since meeting her in June 2003. Singing Ring® was created so quickly with her passion and energetic nature and I have been using it at my clinic since its development.
For those who have experienced Singing Ring®, they must already know the significance of it. Many researchers have been investigating into its secrets, and recently many of them are becoming scientifically proven.
Many people believe that the frequency holds a key to the future of healthcare. I see a huge potential in Singing Ring® that it could possibly be utilized and bring great results in medical fields. I am so delighted to be a supporter to spread Singing Ring to our society as a director.

Director Dr. Akira Ikegawa

Director of Ikegawa Clinic.
Established his obstetrics clinic in Yokohama-city, Kanagawa, Japan in 1989. Since then, he has been involved in approximately 100 deliveries every year. Currently, he advocates prenatal memories for both mothers and children so that they can have better childbirth and parenting.

Like many people who have experienced the sound of Singing Ring®, I have also been attracted by its tender and deep sound. I decided to take the position as a board member of the Singing Ring® Association as I wish to share this amazing experience with as many people as possible. The investigative journey to the true value and role of Singing Ring has just begun. While deepening the objective and scientific insights, I will strive to polish my sensitivity and keep learning with each member of the association.
I dream of the day that harmonic sound of Singing Ring® that creates “Otodama” (sound spirit) will surround the whole world and establish a paradise on earth filled with love and light for the future children. I would be very pleased to have further guidance and encouragement from all of you. Thank you.

Director Dr. Yoshitane Akiyama

Attorney at Law, Doctor of Alternative Medicine, and Homeopath.
Director of NGO Green Heart, an organization to help preserve Amazon rainforest. Coffee beans roaster of “LOTUS COFFEE”.
A performer of Singing Ring and Leirer.
An author of “The Way to Live without Fighting Against Anyone”
Co-author of “Non Eaters – Being Breatharians for Health”