About Us

Our Objective, Mission and Vision

Our Objective

Our objective is to contribute to society through the musical instrument Singing Ring® by spreading information and educating Singing Ring® therapists and performers by supporting them as an association.

Our Mission

1. Our Goal

We aim to promote Singing Ring® as a relaxation instrument with an underlying statement; “Anyone has access to experience Singing Ring® easily, anytime and anywhere.”
We also aim to bring out the best in others and fill them with happiness, in order for us and the Earth to be synced at the same frequency and be resonated and harmonized with each other.

2. Our Promise

We provide the highest quality sound to everyone who experiences Singing Ring® by certifying the therapists and performers who have undertaken the training to acquire the correct knowledge, technique, and morality.

3. Education Policy

We believe that the best way to progress is to keep seeking new or better methods and theories without adhering to only one way, understanding that the best way is to keep on evolving each and every day.

4. Sound Provider

Our idea about sound provider is;
“All therapists and performers must be certified by the official Singing Ring® training organization and work as professionals after they pass the examinations including certain hours of the official education and training, and being admitted by their knowledge, technique, and morality to meet our standard.”
This is because we believe that use of Singing Ring® as a career should be standardized worldwide in order to provide people happiness and harmony. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who have not undertaken any official training to provide Singing Ring® services.
No matter what other qualifications a person has, only certified therapists and performers should be recognized as a Singing Ring® professional, so that they can provide the highest quality sound, which we believe, can lead everyone to pursue further happiness.

5. Establishment of Career

We clarify the difference between amateur and professional.
In order for the therapists and performers establish their career with suitable morality, we certify people with personality suitability to be able to provide a quality performance and sound therapy.
The certified therapists and performers are to spread Singing Ring® extensively to the general household so that it can be enjoyed as entertainment and a hobby, utilizing their knowledge, technique, and morality.
Each member will achieve this goal by cooperating with each other, having a responsibility and professionalism to provide the highest quality sound to the pubic.

6. Define Instruments

We define Singing Ring® as the instrument hand-whittled one by one by Japanese traditional craftsmen. It is perfectly tuned to make the same sound no matter which angle you strike from, and because of this, it creates a phenomenon called “Sound Resonance” with one another.
“Sound Resonance” occurs when one Singing Ring® is struck, the other Singing Ring® starts resonating without being striked. It is similar to ringing a tuning fork. Through this phenomena, we believe Singing Ring®’s harmonic overtones can spread all over the world.
*There are two sizes of Singing Ring®; Large “Uchu (=Universe)” and Small “Daichi (=Earth)”. All come with a serial number engraved (Uchu: 1231, Daichi: 1250 as of March 31, 2016).


Vision Statement

“Anyone has access to experience Singing Ring® easily, anytime and anywhere.”
With this slogan, we contribute to creating harmony between human beings and mother Earth, which leads us to the best-balanced state of body and mind and also be filled with happiness.
Just like there is a doctor in a medical facility, there will be a Singing Ring® therapist at a hospital;
We promise to aim for a society as such.


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