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Singing Ring Association

Singing RingⓇ was created as an acoustic instrument in 2004 in order to bring people relaxation for the body and mind by its sound. The sound and vibration tunes one’s’ mental and physical condition to the most optimal state. The Singing Ring Association (一般社団法人シンギング・リン協会) is founded by people who are fascinated by the sound of Singing RingⓇ and its ability to create a harmonized world by spreading its sound from Japan throughout the world. The Singing Ring Association aims to contribute to society by distributing information about Singing RingⓇ and supporting its therapists and performers.


Sion Inc.

Sion Inc. (シオンインク株式会社) is a manufacturer and seller of the musical instrument Singing RingⓇ. The company also manages related events and lectures, as well as educating people on how to use Singing Ring for healing purposes to become future Singing Ring therapists. Seminars related to Singing RingⓇ are held by Sion Inc. under subcontract from the Singing Ring Association.


Singing Ring Australia

Australia is the first country that Singing RingⓇ has arrived in outside of Japan. A Japanese Official Therapist and Instructor is acting as a bridge between Japan and Australia to deliver information, run sound healing events, educating people to become therapists, and supporting their activities.
Singing Ring Australia (シンギング・リン・オーストラリア) is the central hub in providing English information and creating the foundation for the Singing Ring Association to spread its activity to the world.
Australia is famous for having numerous types of alternative medicine, because of this we are receiving a positive response from local people with many participating in Singing RingⓇ activities.


Bord Of Directors

<Representative Director>
Sion Kazu (和 真音)

Akira Ikegawa (池川 明)
Yoshitane Akiyama (秋山 佳胤)


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